What AC Temperature Saves the Most Money?

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July 26, 2023

Air Conditioning

When the summer heat in Houston arrives, keeping cool throughout the hottest parts of the year can be challenging. Yet, it may not be the temperatures alone that have you sweating. Your utility bill may skyrocket during the more extreme seasons, meaning you may pay a lot more just to stay comfortable.

Cooling costs can quickly get out of control when you are trying to beat the summer heat, so it is important to think about energy saving now, not later. Knowing the ideal temperature settings for you and your home can help you save money, but what AC temperature saves the most money? 

While the answer can be complex, the team at House Pro can help. We offer not just guidance on the best temperatures to keep your house but also information about how you can stay cool without ruining your budget. Read on to learn more about keeping cool in the summer and keeping your electric bill manageable. 

What Temperature Should I Set My Air Conditioner in Summer?

When the summer months come around, you may turn your thermostat lower and lower to keep up with the summer heat. Unfortunately, this may strain your system, causing it to overwork, burn out, or simply drive up the costs of your utilities. 

According to the US Department of Energy, the ideal temperature to set your thermostat in the summer is 78 degrees. This temperature should keep you within a safe range without taxing your HVAC system. 

Of course, this number may seem high in Texas, especially as temperatures often climb to more than 100 degrees. Setting your thermostat closer to this number while supplementing it with ceiling fans and other cooling techniques can help reduce your home’s energy costs. 

These steps can also help you mitigate the costs of your cooling system when you need the system, such as when a heat wave happens. Keeping your thermostat at this temperature all summer can be difficult, but keeping it closer to this number can help you reduce these costs.

Making Your Air Conditioner System More Energy Efficient

When saving the most money on your AC system, it is not just about your AC temperatures. You also need to be aware of the other issues that can impact your HVAC system’s performance and what can increase the energy costs of your AC system. 

The upkeep of your HVAC system is one of the most important parts of saving money and keeping your system operational. While it may cost money to maintain your HVAC system, regular maintenance and inspections can help you avoid expensive bills to replace or repair parts that did not get this attention, only to lead to serious issues later. 

While maintaining the right temperature can make a big difference, do not neglect the following steps to improve your system’s performance. Making little changes, like running ceiling fans, can help take pressure off your system, so keep your energy bills down with these steps, too. 

Photo of a Air Conditioner

Upgrade Your Air Conditioner Filter 

When your air filter is clogged and dirty, the airflow through the rest of your house may not be ideal. It can also mean that your AC system takes more effort and energy to keep your house at the same temperature. 

It may also be time to change your type of filter. For example, while a pleated air filter will catch smaller particles, it can impede airflow more than a fiberglass filter. However, if you have allergies or pets or live somewhere with smog and air pollution, a thinner air filter may not be the right pick for you. 

If you believe you are due for an air filter change, know what to expect and what your best options are for replacement. 

Check Your Air Conditioners Ductwork 

Your air ducts are vital to passing the cool air from your AC system to the rest of your house. These ducts make it possible to keep your whole house cool, not just a portion. Unfortunately, like anything else, the ductwork in your home can get dirty or clogged. You may have dust, mold, and allergens in your ductwork, and the buildup can be bad for your health. 

Regular cleaning can make a big difference in your HVAC system’s air quality and can even help with temperature regulation. Clogs can leave your system working harder, not better, making it difficult for the system to maintain the best AC temperature to save you money. 

Get Seasonal Inspections of Air Conditioner Temperature and Temperature Setting

Regular inspections and tune-ups for your HVAC system can improve the air quality and lifespan of your cooling system while maintaining an average air conditioning temperature. These inspections can determine whether your system is in good working order as the seasons change, so you can be sure your system is working at maximum capacity without failing during the most extreme temperatures of the season. 

These inspections can help diagnose problems early and ensure you are in the know when your system is nearing the end of its lifespan. If there are any problems with your HVAC system, our team can notify you and help you choose the best option for your home. Acting now, not when your system struggles to keep up with the temperatures, is vital.

Programmable Thermostat for Heat Generating Appliances

A programmable thermostat gives you control over your system because the right temperature for your AC system is not always consistent. Weather, nighttime, and other factors can impact how hard your system needs to work, for example. Your programmable thermostat can change your AC settings based on what is best for you.

Adjusting your thermostat based on the ambient temperature can reduce the work your system has to do. For example, at night, the weather typically cools down naturally, meaning your AC system does not have to be running at full capacity. A programmable thermostat can change settings at night so that your air conditioner does not face undue pressure. 

Considering a programmable thermostat installation? Our team makes picking the right system for you easy. If you are looking for the right thermostat for your home, talk to our team about the upgrades you can make today for your HVAC system. 

Adjust Your Settings As Needed to Conserve Energy and Boost Energy Efficiency

Adjusting your thermostat settings and using other tools to take the pressure off your AC system can help keep your house cool in the summer, even with less air conditioner use. For example, adjusting your temperature settings at night can reduce the pressure on your system.

Supplementing your system by running ceiling fans can also help. These fans help continue circulating the air, pushing down cool air and reducing the work placed on your HVAC system. 

What If My Utility Costs Are Not Reduced? 

If these AC system steps do not improve your system’s performance, and your air conditioning system is not at its best temperature, you may have a larger problem. In these cases, there may be a larger problem that is causing your system to be less efficient and to work harder to keep your house cool. 

Sometimes, it may simply be time to upgrade your AC cooling system. While this may be costly upfront, it can save you a significant amount over time as your new AC system works. A new system should not need upgrades or air conditioner repairs — you should simply be able to enjoy cool air without breaking the bank. 

Unsure if you are ready for an AC replacement? Talk to a professional about an inspection and estimate for your case first. 

Photo of Adjusting Ac Temperature

How an HVAC Specialist Can Help You Save Energy and Reach Your Ideal Indoor Temperature

Do not handle these issues alone when you are facing an HVAC system issue or need help preserving energy and money. Without guidance, making a mistake or spending money without fixing the problem is easy. 

Fortunately, an HVAC service professional can provide for your needs when dealing with a cooling issue, whether a high energy bill or a lack of cool air. A professional can look at the system, diagnose any issues with the system, and make any Houston AC repairs or upgrades that would improve the quality of your system. 

They can also help you upgrade to a more energy-efficient option. These options include Energy Star products, which can provide more cooling with less energy expended. Talk to our professionals about your options. 

Get a Full Inspection of Your HVAC System

If you notice your cooling costs are getting higher, or if you simply want to reduce the amount of money you spend on your AC cooling system, you may be due for upgrades, repair work, or even a new system. These systems do not last forever; making the right diagnosis can save you money. 

At House Pro, we know your AC temperatures may get costly in the summer, and we want to help you reduce those costs. We are ready to start with an inspection and tune-up of your system, so you know what to expect and what you can do for your HVAC system. 

Ready to get in touch? Contact our team by calling or completing our online contact form. We offer our services to the greater Houston area, so do not hesitate if you are in the area and are seeking repairs, upgrades, or inspections for your HVAC system.