Heating & AC Repair Services in Richmond, TX

Heating & AC Repair Services in Richmond, TX

Having served the greater Richmond area for over 20 years, House Pro is the top choice for your heating and cooling services in Richmond, Texas. Our skilled HVAC technicians can maintain and repair your existing air conditioning unit or install a completely new air conditioning system. We service all air conditioning brands, including American Standard, Trane, Ruud, Lennox, Goodman, Rheem, and more. And we provide top-quality air conditioning repair service and heating services because we offer 100% guaranteed customer satisfaction.

Heating & AC Repair Services in Richmond, TX

At House Pro, our goal is to prevent your system from breaking down and leaving you without AC.  Most AC companies are happy to make the current repair and wait for you to call next time your AC breakdowns. When we make HVAC repairs we don’t just fix the current problem, we also look for what caused the problem. It almost always leads back to a lack of maintenance.  Between 50 – 80% of AC breakdowns are caused by a lack of maintenance. By addressing maintenance issues House Pro can eliminate the frustration of unexpected breakdowns, keep your home more comfortable, improve air quality, lowers energy cost, and extend your air conditioning systems life.

We are currently running a special promotion for our clients. We’re offering a 50% discount on our Air conditioning repair diagnosis for a limited time. Instead of paying $158, you’ll only pay $79 for one of our experienced technicians to come out and diagnose the problem.

Air Conditioning Repair

The heat of a Texas summer can be intolerable, so you should keep your air conditioning system in top condition. That way, it will be at peak efficiency during the sweltering summer months to stop the warm air from turning your home into a sauna. At House Pro-Energy, we are more than happy to diagnose your Richmond, TX air conditioning when you request our service.

We provide all AC repair Richmond, TX services and elite air conditioning repair services. 

Call us today if your air conditioning system has been causing you trouble and not producing the air quality that you want. We will gladly examine your air conditioner system and fix any HVAC system issues.

Common Air Conditioning Problems 

Air conditioner units in Richmond, TX, could experience any of the following problems. If you are in the Richmond area and need air conditioning services, contact us to service your HVAC unit so we can ensure that your home provides cool air in the steamy summer months. 

If you notice any of the following AC issues, please contact House Pro immediately as we offer 24/7 emergency services.

  • AC Won’t Turn On: This issue could be caused by the thermostat, wiring, or an electrical component. Try turning the breaker off and then on again to check that the issue is not a tripped circuit breaker. 
  • The Unit Produces Hot Air: You don’t want your air conditioning system to make the inside of your home warmer than the outside. This problem is commonly caused by a dirty air filter, lack of maintenance on the condenser or evaporator coils, or a low refrigerant charge. Start by changing your air filters, but if that doesn’t fix the problem, call House Pro. 
  • Odd Noises: If you notice any peculiar noises from your HVAC system, contact an air conditioning contractor at House Pro. These noises could indicate a problem with the motor or the AC belt. 
  •  The Evaporator Coil is Frozen: If the evaporator coil in your AC system freezes, it could be caused by an airflow restriction to the evaporator coil or a low refrigerant charge. Dirty filters can cause the coil to freeze by restricting airflow. A lack of maintenance can also cause dirt and debris to build on the evaporator coil and restrict airflow. 
  • There is Water Leakage:  Air conditioner water leaks are usually caused by clogged or cracked drain lines that can cause damage to your walls and ceiling. Leaks can also cause water to pool around your AC unit. If you see leaks or stains, give House Pro a service call to get professional help. If your AC is leaking, immediately turn it off to prevent further water damage. 

Additional air conditioning warning signs include:

  • High Humidity or comfort issues
  • AC turning off automatically
  • Circuit breaker tripping frequently
  • Unusual odor coming from the AC
  • An increase in your energy bill
  • Uneven room temperatures

Due to the hot Richmond, TX weather conditions, it is important to monitor the indoor air quality because it could cause discomfort and health issues.  The air conditioning services of House Pro will provide satisfaction by refreshing your indoor air quality. Contact us to get a great deal on our air conditioning services. 

You have probably dealt with a heater or furnace malfunction before. That’s why regularly scheduled maintenance can prevent you from having to buy a new heating installation.

At House Pro Energy Solutions, we offer maintenance plans at affordable prices. Contact House Pro Energy Solutions if you need furnace repair or furnace replacement service in Richmond. We provide a complete heating system repair service and full HVAC services. Contact us today.

Six Warning Signs That Your Houston Furnace Needs Repairs 

There are clear signs when your furnace needs to be repaired. Contact House Pro Energy Solutions for furnace repair Houston whenever these signs appear. 

  1. Insufficient Heat 
  2. Problems Starting The Heating Device
  3. Poor air quality
  4. Higher energy bills 
  5. Peculiar noises

House Pro is a heating system repairs company that has kept Richmond, TX, homes warm and cool for over 20 years. We provide HVAC repair, replacement, and maintenance services that include furnace and heater repair. Our professional technicians service your HVAC systems to ensure everything works smoothly. Once they identify the problem, they will offer you a repair plan and a quote. 

We offer different financing options and fair and reasonable prices. If your heater is malfunctioning in Richmond, TX, call House Pro.

AC & Heating Maintenance and Installation in Richmond, TX

Regular maintenance on your heating and AC system can reduce your energy bills, prolonging the life of your system and preventing costly repairs later on. You must schedule regular air conditioning service with us to keep your system working properly. Our expert technicians will inspect your unit to keep it functioning. Our TX AC services maintenance package includes a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Schedule an advanced AC maintenance appointment with us for only $179, half of the regular price of $358. We will test your AC system’s condenser coils and refrigerant levels, inspect filters, and perform other maintenance tasks. We also offer a basic AC tune-up available for only $98. 

You can schedule a furnace tune-up starting at $49. We test the airflow and ignition system, inspect the air filters and examine the system. House Pro’s advanced furnace maintenance package starts at $175. Our technicians will inspect the vacuum burners & flame sensors to keep your system in good condition and ensure your heating service works properly.

Current Specials: We’re offering a 50% discount on our advanced Air conditioning service maintenance package for a limited time. Instead of paying $358, you’ll only pay $179 for one of our experienced technicians to inspect and maintain your AC unit. 

You Should Choose House Pro HVAC Services

We are dedicated to providing Richmond with unparalleled service quality for its resident’s heating and cooling needs. If you need quality HVAC services in Richmond, TX, House Pro is the top choice. We will examine your HVAC system for repair, maintenance, or complete HVAC replacement or installation. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

Heating & AC Repair Services in Richmond, TX