Nexia Home Automation

Nexia Home Intelligence & Automation System

Home Automation + Energy Savings Made Simple

American Standard
Z Wave

Home Automation Made Easy

Control Your Thermostat, Locks, Lights And More All From One Place

Nexia combines over 400 home automation products into one app that you can manage from anywhere!

Nexia Diagnostics

Nexia Diagnostics monitors your AC & Heating to help you get the most from your system. It can even share alerts and details with your AC and Heating contractor to help prevent system failures or minimize any system down time. Its almost like having a service technician built right in.

Simple Home Automation

Set up advanced home automation flows or create quick and easy Automation setups on locks and lights with Nexia’s built in Automate Me software. Nexia will be continuing to update the functionality for more devices in the near future. Nexia can handle as little or as much automation as you need.

Home Energy Savings

Create simple or detailed energy saving schedules to control your AC, heating, lighting, appliances and more. Have your lights automatically turn on or off when someone walks by. Cut your energy use and costs by making sure that your home is using the minimum amount of energy when your not there.

All Things Compatible

One of the best parts about Nexia is its ability to work with many different manufacturers and products. Nexia works with over 400 different products to meet your home automation needs. Nexia has been specifically designed to work with many products now and many products in the future.

Z-Wave Technology

Z wave technology allows electronic devices in your home to communicate wirelessly with low power radio waves. Z wave operates on very low power, allowing battery powered devices to last much longer. It also has low susceptibility to interference and offers a large range.

Choose the Products You Want

Choose the products you want and how you want those products to work together in your home. The result is a customized system that connects you to your home in a way that matters to you. That’s the beauty of Nexia.

Nexia Home Intelligence & Automation System