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By taking a whole home approach to air conditioning and heating services, we lower our customer’s electric bill by as much as 40%!

HVAC Services & Repair in Houston, TX

HVAC systems will give you a much better service if they are well cared for. If they are neglected, they might break down when you need them most. Your air-conditioning system could simply stop working on the hottest afternoon of the season, or your furnace could give up on the frostiest night. In Houston, regular maintenance is recommended to ensure the durability of your residential HVAC system.

House Pro Energy Solutions are premier HVAC contractors in Houston, TX, providing all types of HVAC repair services in the Houston area. From fixing your heating to your AC, we can maintain the overall health of your HVAC system. Taking care of heating and air conditioning repairs as they are needed means that your unit will last longer, and you might be able to postpone a full replacement and installation.

  • AC & Furnace Replacement Specials

HousePro is offering free estimates and financing as low as 0% on new heating and/or air conditioning systems.

  • AC Repair Houston

Are you in need  of Houston air conditioning repair? We offer 3 levels of service to meet your busy schedule – Emergency, Same day, and Next day.

HVAC equipment can be responsible for over 50% of your total electricity usage and bills. House Pro specializes in developing energy efficient systems.

  • Free AC Repair Estimates

Nobody likes a surprise bill, so our technicians will provide you with a detailed estimate before beginning any work. If you choose House Pro for your repairs, we’ll waive our $69 service fee. Call today to schedule an appointment!

  • 100% Guarantee

We are so confident in our technicians and products that we put a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all of our work, repairs, and products.

  • Highly Trained Technicians

Our technicians are put through a intensive training that goes beyond just HVAC Service knowledge. All of our technicians hold North American Technician Excellence (NATE) certifications.

  • Energy Tips

Check out our energy savings blog and see how easy it is to save on energy bills!

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Common HVAC Problems in Houston TX

Your HVAC unit could experience different issues that should be dealt with as soon as they appear. Here are some common Houston HVAC issues that you should be aware of. If you notice any of them, call House Pro, your Houston HVAC contractors, as soon as possible. If you require emergency services, we will address the issue the same day.

If you’ve had your HVAC for a long time, it could malfunction at some point. If the thermostat in your unit is acting up or not heating or cooling the house properly, there could be something wrong with the thermostat.

A common problem with a thermostat is when the system never reaches the temperature you have set it. This may happen because grime has built up or debris has accumulated inside it. When this happens, the thermostat can’t correctly gauge the air temperature in your house in Houston.

You could try to use a piece of paper and move it between the contacts in order to get the grime off, see if switching it off or on, or restarting the furnace will get it running as it should. But if the issue persists, it’s best to call our HVAC service experts. We can also drop by your house and take a look at the furnace and AC, and if we detect any issues, we will fix them right away. Call House Pro heating company in Houston, Texas, for HVAC service 24/7.

The continuous use of residential HVAC and AC system components may lead to wear and tear, affecting the overall system. Worn-out parts, such as a belt or condenser, could severely impact the furnace or air-conditioner unit’s performance by causing airflow problems, overheating, or underheating issues.

If your equipment gets regular inspections, these problems can be detected early, before they get a chance to cause severe problems in the furnace. House Pro heating experts can inspect your unit often and detect any furnace repairs when needed. Our HVAC experts are available 24/7 for all emergencies. If your AC unit is acting up, contact us now for AC repair service.

During peak winter days, your Houston unit’s evaporator coil is prone to freeze. This can impact your HVAC system’s heating performance and prevent it from functioning as it should. If that is your case, contact the House Pro HVAC company now. We will inspect the HVAC, see if any components might have frozen, and get the unit working as it should. Schedule a visit for AC and HVAC Houston inspection today.

Inspection is crucial to prevent the heating system from breaking down. To avoid this eventuality, as soon as you notice your HVAC in Houston acting up, contact House Pro. Our company provides Houston HVAC services that include air conditioning and heating repairs at affordable rates. If the system is beyond repair, we can help you with a replacement as well. Schedule a service call today.

HousePro Heating, Ventilation, And Air Conditioning Company (HVAC Houston TX)

House Pro Energy Solutions is your one-stop solution to all your heating and cooling needs in Houston, Texas. Our HVAC company HVAC experts will provide the best and most affordable solutions to all your HVAC problems 24/7 in the Houston area. From HVAC maintenance, repair and replacement, we provide all services and guarantee customer satisfaction. Our track record is unbeatable. You can trust our years of experience in dealing with your HVAC unit’s wear and tear, even in an emergency. House Pro also provides all customers with several financing options.

We Are on Call Day and Night

You can call our HVAC installation company for the following services 24/7:

  • Air-conditioning systems installation 
  • Air-conditioning repair services
  • Air-conditioning upkeep services
  • Air-conditioning replacement services
  • Furnace and heating system installation 
  • Furnace and heating system repair 
  • Furnace and heating systems upkeep
  • Furnace and heating replacement
  • HVAC tune-up, installation, repair, replacement services 

Our experts can also advise you on how to achieve greater energy efficiency in your Houston HVAC. You can count us no matter what the issue is. Schedule a visit today so that we can take a look at your system.

  • Current Specials

We want you to get the most value for your money.  We run frequent specials to meet your cooling needs.  See All HVAC Specials

  • Free AC Repair Quote

Let one of HousePro’s EPA certified technicians offer you a free quote when your system isn’t cooling.

  • New AC Units from $49/Month

We know how to work with your budget. Our new AC systems can be financed for as little as $49/month. Call today for a free quote!

Proudly Serving the Greater Houston Area

We are a locally owned heating and cooling service provider in the Houston area. Our experienced technicians can repair, replace and maintain your heating or cooling system with 100% satisfaction guaranteed. We serve the following areas: Bellaire, the Heights, West University, Richmond, Pearland, Katy & Sugar Land. Call today to schedule your Houston area air conditioning repair, replacement and maintenance services!

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  • Frequently Asked Questions

HVAC maintenance costs are considerably less than an AC repair or a replacement. If you need to have your cooling and heating systems repaired, you can expect to spend about $800. However, if it’s just a minor issue with the system, you can pay between $300 and $650, depending upon the HVAC repair services you need.

You should pay to get your HVAC system serviced twice a year if you want to avoid spending on unnecessary repairs that could have been prevented. If the system is used all year round, maintaining it with regular services every six months is recommended.

Our HVAC visits include inspecting the circuits, drain line, safety controls, caps, valves, and condensation pumps. All system components are carefully checked to detect any signs of wear and tear or other possible issues. If the technician detects a problem, they will get it fixed before it has a chance to grow further. The technician will also test the system for its performance and any issues that don’t allow it to run as it should.

Signing up for regular visits to your home or business will reduce AC repair costs. If you want your HVAC Houston to run efficiently all year round, never put off your inspections. Schedule them today.

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