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An AC unit can only function effectively for so long. After a certain period, possibly 10 years if you’ve been careful about its upkeep, it could show signs of wear and tear and need to be replaced by a new one. In mild cases, your AC would stop blowing the cool air you need to beat the Houston, TX heat. But if it stops working altogether, you’d have to consider getting a new AC to survive the hot summer afternoons.

New AC in Houston

House Pro Energy Solutions provides AC repairAC replacement, and AC installation services in Houston, TX. We are your one-stop destination for all your HVAC needs. Contact us now if your AC has been acting up and you require the installation of a new air conditioner in Houston.

Signs You May Need a New AC Unit In Houston, TX

When your air conditioning system needs to be replaced by a new one, there are some signs that you need to look out for. Contact House Pro if you want to install a new AC unit. Here are some telling indications of a failing AC. 

Your Air Conditioning Unit Is Old

All AC units have a limited lifespan, typically 10 years. If you’ve been true to its maintenance plan, your AC unit could easily live up to 10 years, but after that, if the unit experiences frequent issues, repairs might fail to do the trick. You’d just end up wasting your money on fixing major failures repeatedly when the entire HVAC system appears to be breaking. 

If your AC faces issues after 10 years of service, it’s best to get it replaced rather than repaired. House Pro in Houston, TX, can investigate the condition of your AC and inform you whether repairs would suffice or if a new air conditioning system would need to be installed. If it’s the latter, we will provide AC installation services and replacement as well. Call us for an AC installation in Houston, Texas.

Increased Energy Bills

If your energy bills keep increasing despite repairs, then it’s likely that the air conditioning system is aging, and it’s time to install a new one. Energy costs increase when the unit is not working efficiently. House Pro can determine your air conditioner unit’s Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio points (SEER) and determine if the AC needs replacing or not. Schedule a visit now to know more about this. 

The Air Conditioning System Blows Hot Air

Your air conditioning unit is supposed to blow cool air when the thermostat is set to lower temperatures. If your unit is blowing warm or hot air when it is set to low, then there’s something wrong with it.

A professional can detect the cause and ascertain if repairs are enough to fix the issue. If the AC unit continues to blow hot air despite the repairs, you might want to consider replacing it. Contact House Pro Houston, TX to have your AC inspected. We will perform an inspection to determine if repairs or a new air conditioning unit installation is needed.

The Air Conditioning Is Making Strange Sounds

It’s not natural for a well-functioning AC to make strange sounds, like squealing or rattling. It’s easy to differentiate the standard air conditioner sounds from unusual ones. If your AC has abruptly started making grinding sounds, contact House Pro now. 

Chances are, the reason for strange sounds is the aging AC unit. If that’s the case, then purchasing a new AC would be the only solution. House Pro can provide the new air conditioner Houston installation services that you need.

House Pro Energy Solutions For Air Conditioner Installation, Houston, TX

House Pro provides HVAC services in the Houston area. From AC installations and replacement services to heating system services, you can count on us to provide a full range of HVAC services and keep your air conditioning system in the best condition for a long time. You can enjoy our services by using one of our financing plans, allowing you to enjoy efficient cooling while going easy on your wallet. 

Once we repair or replace your AC unit, rest assured, it will be a long time before you get a reason to call us again. Customer satisfaction is our top priority. We will commit our time to you for however long it takes to fix the issue. Schedule a consultation with us now, so we can take a look at your air conditioning system and discover any problems. Call us for HVAC services and AC replacement in the Houston area. We also perform air quality testing and treatment services.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How long does the air conditioner last?

All air conditioning units age and begin to fail after years of service, usually between 15 to 20 years. Once you begin to notice signs of failure after 15 years of service, it’s best to have the AC replaced rather than repaired. However, if you follow the maintenance plan of your new equipment, you can rest easy about the durability of the AC. Otherwise, it will begin to show signs of wear and tear before the 15 year period. 

When do AC units need servicing?

If you want to ensure the durability of your new AC system, you’d have to service it regularly, which is twice a year, once before heating season and once before cooling season. If you can’t manage that, then maintenance every six months is good enough to keep your HVAC system running for a long time. If you can’t manage maintenance once a year, then the chances of your AC breaking down increases, and it’s likely that you’d have to replace the whole system the next time something goes wrong.

New Air Conditioning in Houston