Home Energy Savings Houston, TX

Reduce Your Energy Bill Up to 50% & Save Up to $5000 on Home Energy Upgrades

Home Energy Savings Houston

The Home Performance Incentive Program offers you the chance to maximize your home’s energy efficiency and improve your comfort year round. Our BPI certified Home Performance Specialist will evaluate your home’s energy use and recommend Energy Star approved steps that can improve the comfort, durability, and energy efficiency of your home. And with the Home Performance Incentive Program, you can cash in on up to $5000 on the eligible home improvements you select.

Step 1 – Home Performance Inspection & Plan

An Home Performance Inspection & Plan is a comprehensive home energy assessment conducted by a BPI certified Home Performance Specialist. The assessment typically takes 1 – 2 hours based on the size and complexity of your home and includes a consultation to help us better understand your home’s needs. During the consultation, we will review your past utility bills to help analyze your energy usage and assess the potential savings to be gained from installing home energy improvements. House Pro will also gather information about your home energy habits, operation, and discuss any concerns you may have, such as uneven room temperatures, high energy bills, etc.

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Step 2 – Review Home Performance Plan

Once your inspection is complete your Home Performance Specialist will prepare a plan that includes recommended improvements and associated costs, savings, and benefits. You will also be provided with a report that includes:

  • A prioritized list of recommendations
  • An estimate of the rebates you’re eligible to receive
  • Your expected energy savings and return on investment for completing the recommended upgrades
  • A list of non-energy related benefits associated with making the upgrades, such as health and comfort benefits and increasing the value of your home
  • A copy of your Home Performance Inspection

Step 3 – Choosing Home Improvements

After you have reviewed the plan, recommendations and cost, you should determine which improvements are best for you. Things to consider include return on investment, home comfort levels, your family’s health and safety, and increase in home value. Based on your choices, you can receive up to $5000 in incentives from the Home Performance Incentive Program.

Step 4 – Enjoy a Healthier, More Efficient Home

When it’s time to have your improvements installed, your installation team may visit your home on multiple days to complete the job. You should plan to meet with your installation team each day to review progress.

That’s it, you’re done!
Sit back and enjoy the energy savings, enhanced air quality, and improved home comfort the whole-house approach to energy efficiency have brought you and your family.

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Home Energy Savings Houston, TX