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AC Repair in Houston, TX

Houston, TX summer heat can be hard to bear. That is why it’s so important to keep your air conditioning in good working condition so that it runs at peak efficiency during the hot summer months. At House Pro Energy Solutions, we are ready to repair your AC as soon as you request service. Give us a call today. We provide all HVAC system repair and replacement services in Houston, TX, and offer top-class air conditioning repair services. If your AC unit has suddenly started giving you trouble or can’t provide you with the fresh air quality you expect, give us a call, and we’ll gladly look into your AC system and fix any HVAC system issues.

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Common Air Conditioning Problems

If you own AC units in Houston, Texas, you might have experienced one or more of the following AC problems. If you notice any issues now, contact House Pro immediately. We offer 24/7 emergency services. 

Air Conditioning Not Turning On

If it’s scorchingly hot in Houston, TX, and your HVAC system refuses to turn on when you need it most, your AC system might have stopped working for several reasons. It could be because of an issue with the thermostat, inner wiring, or an electrical component. To confirm that the issue is not a tripped circuit breaker, try turning the breaker off and then on again to see if that fixes the problem. 

Hot Air Being Emitted

You don’t want your air conditioning system to make you warmer than the outside temperature in Houston. This is a common problem can be caused by a dirty air filter, lack of maintenance on the condenser or evaporator coils, and/or a low or incorrect refrigerant charge. Start by changing your air filters regularly. If the problem persists, call House Pro in Houston, Texas. We provide 24-hour emergency services, so call us as soon as you detect an AC problem in Houston.

Unusual Noises

If you notice any unusual sounds coming out of your air-conditioner or HVAC system, call the professional technicians at House Pro. These noises might be happening for several reasons, including problems with the motor or the AC belt. In any case, you need professional service to diagnose the reason for the noises and repair the issue. Call House Pro in Houston, TX right away and get back to enjoying the quiet of a functioning AC.

Frozen Evaporator Coil

If your AC system evaporator coil freezes, it means there is a restriction in air flow to the evaporator coil and/or there is a low or incorrect refrigerant charge. Dirty filters commonly contribute to freezing the coil by restricting airflow. A lack of maintenance can also cause dirt and debris to build up on the evaporator coil and restrict the airflow through it. To uncover the reason, call in the professionals. Contact House Pro in Houston, TX today for the right diagnosis and swift air conditioning repair service so you won’t have to live through another hot afternoon without your AC.

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Water Leakage

Water leaks from air-conditioners are not uncommon. Leaks generally occur from clogged or cracked drain lines and can cause damage to your walls and ceiling. Water leaks can also pool water around your AC unit. As soon as you notice the leaks or stains, give House Pro in Houston, TX, a service call and get professional help.If you suspect your AC is leaking immediately turn off the system to prevent further water damage. Since this is an issue that can happen when you least expect it, we recommend you schedule regular maintenance service visits. You can always contact us for 24 hours emergency AC repair service.

Additional Air Conditioning Problems

Besides the problems listed above, there are some additional warning signs that your AC needs repairs: 

  • High humidity or comfort issues
  • Uneven room temperatures
  • AC turning off automatically 
  • Circuit breaker tripping frequently 
  • Unusual odor coming from the AC 
  • An increase in your energy bill

24 Hours AC Repair Houston, TX

House Pro Energy Solution provides 24/7 central air conditioning system repair and AC replacement service in Houston, TX. We provide complete HVAC repair service, from furnace repairs to air-conditioning installation and repair. Our technicians are licensed professionals with years of experience in repairing and replacing air conditioners in Houston, TX. We provide fair quotes for our AC service, and our aim is to leave all our customers satisfied with our services.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Should I Check Before I Call for Repair?

You should always turn the breakers on and off before you call a repair person for any piece of electronic equipment. You should make sure your filter is clean and that it is properly seated in the frame.  

Check the float switch. The AC float switch detects when the unit has a clogged drain. If a drain is clogged it will shut off the system. 

Why Is My AC Freezing?

You may have a dirty filter or your air conditioner may be leaking refrigerant. You should turn your air conditioner off if your AC is freezing up. Running it may cause the system to break down completely.

How Often Should I Have Maintenance Performed on My AC System?

In most cases, you should get an HVAC system serviced once a year. In most parts of the country, you will only run your air conditioner three months out of the year. If you live in a place that tends to be very hot, such as Houston, you may run your air conditioner more often. Therefore, you may want to have it serviced twice a year. You can also do a bit of home maintenance.

How Long Should My Air Conditioner Last?

An HVAC unit should last an average of 10 years. Most air conditioner manufactures will offer a warranty of anywhere between five and 10 years. The quality of the unit you buy, wear and tear, and even the house you live in can factor into how long your system will last. 

Will My AC Work Better If I Leave the Room Doors Open in My House?

All of the rooms in your home should be comfortable even if you close the door. However, there should be at least a little bit of room under the door so that air will be able to circulate. 

How Often Should I Change My Air Conditioners Filters?

It is a good idea to change your filters every 30 to 45 days for the very best effectiveness. If you have pets, you should change your filter every month. Some filters are reusable. Titanium filters are considered to be the best. They break down particles in the air instead of just capturing them. You will only have to replace this type of filter once every few years. 

What MERV Rating Should I Get?

Air conditioning filter quality is determined by the Minimum Efficiency Reporting Values (MERV) rating. The rating is determined by the quality of the filter. The quality of a filter is determined by the size of particles it can capture. MERV ratings go from 1 to 20 with 20 being the best. You should get a filter with the highest MERV rating the manufacturer of your system recommends.

How Do I Know When I Need an AC Replacement?

If your air conditioning unit is over 10 years old and you find yourself needing repairs more and more often, it is probably time to replace your air conditioner.

Here’s how we operate in Houston

  • You call us to request AC service in TX
  • We visit your house and inspect your air conditioning system 
  • We inform you whether AC repairs will solve the issue or if a new AC system is required 
  • We provide the cost of our AC service
  • Once you accept our estimate, we will start working on the project 
  • You review the work once it is done and let us know you are completely satisfied with the service.

Leave your contact information in the form provided or call us to request a service in Texas. 

AC Repair in Houston, TX