Heating & AC Repair Services in Sugar Land, TX

Heating & AC Repair Services in Sugar Land, TX

If you need heating and cooling services in Sugar Land, Texas, choose House Pro. We are a locally-owned business and have over 20 years of experience in the industry. Our expert technicians can repair and maintain your system or replace it with a new one. We service all brands, including Trane, American Standard, Ruud, Lennox, Goodman, Rheem, and more. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee for our heating and cooling services.

Heating & AC Repair Services in Sugar Land, TX

At House Pro, our goal is to prevent your system from breaking down and leaving you without AC. Most AC companies are happy to make the current repair and wait for you to call next time your AC breakdowns. When we make HVAC repairs we don’t just fix the current problem, we also look for what caused the problem. It almost always leads back to a lack of maintenance. Between 50 – 80% of AC breakdowns are caused by a lack of maintenance. By addressing maintenance issues, House Pro can eliminate the frustration of unexpected breakdowns, keep your home more comfortable, improve indoor air quality, lowers energy cost, and extend your air conditioning systems life.

AC & Heating Repair and Installation in Sugar Land, TX

We know that a functioning air conditioner and heater are important at House Pro, especially in Texas. We offer same-day heating and AC repair and after-hours emergency repairs to keep you comfortable. You can schedule your appointment day or night since our dispatchers are available 24 hours a day. Call today to schedule your Sugar Land AC or heating repair diagnosis! Our technicians will inspect your unit and provide a full report for $79. If you’re a member of our maintenance plan, you’ll get 15% off all repairs. Our repairs are backed by a 30-day labor warranty and a one-year parts warranty.

Current Specials: We’re offering a 50% discount on our AC repair diagnosis for a limited time. Instead of paying $158, you’ll only pay $79 for one of our experienced technicians to come out and diagnose the problem. 

Air Conditioning Repair

The Texas summer heat can be quite unbearable; that is why it is imperative to keep your air conditioning system in pristine condition so it runs at peak efficiency during the hot summer months. At House Pro-Energy, we are more than happy to inspect your air conditioning as soon as you request our service.

We provide AC repair Sugar Land services, and elite air conditioning repair services. 

If your air conditioning system has been causing you trouble and not producing the air quality you expect, call us today, and we will gladly look into your AC system and fix any HVAC system issues that we find.

Common Air Conditioning Problems 

AC units in Sugar Land, TX, commonly experience one or more air conditioning problems. If you are in the Sugar Land area and need air conditioning services, contact us to service your HVAC unit and ensure that your home provides cool air for comfort in the harsh summer months.

If you notice any of the following issues, please contact House Pro immediately as we offer 24/7 emergency services.

  • AC Not Turning On
  • Hot Air Being Emitted 
  • Unusual Noises
  • Frozen Evaporator Coil
  • Water leakage

Some additional warning signs that your unit requires an AC repair include:

  • High humidity or comfort issues
  • AC turning off automatically
  • Circuit breaker tripping frequently
  • An increase in your energy bill
  • Uneven room temperatures

Due to the hot weather in Sugar Land, TX, monitoring the indoor air quality is important as it can cause discomfort and health issues. House Pro has superior air conditioning services that will surely satisfy you with refreshing indoor air quality for your home. Contact us today for a great deal on our air conditioning services. 

Heating and Furnace Repair

After owning your equipment for some time, you have likely dealt with a heater or furnace malfunction. Scheduling regular maintenance can extend your systems life, prevent breakdowns, and lower your heating costs.

House Pro Energy Solutions offers maintenance plans to meet your needs and improve the durability of your heating system at affordable prices. If you require furnace repair or furnace replacement service in the Houston area, contact House Pro Energy Solutions. We provide complete heating system repair service and full HVAC services. Contact us today.

6 Warning Signs Your Houston Furnace Needs Repairs 

When a furnace needs repair, clear signs tell you when you need to call professional technicians and place a service request with a heating company. Contact House Pro Energy Solutions for furnace repair Houston whenever these signs appear: 

  1. Insufficient Heat Emitted From The Furnace
  2. Problems Starting The Heating Device
  3. Poor Room Air Quality
  4. Increased Energy Bills 
  5. The Furnace Makes Strange Noises

House Pro is a heating system repairs company that has kept Houston, TX, homes warm in the Winter and cool in the Summer for over 20 years. We provide all HVAC repair, replacement, and maintenance services, including furnace and heater repair. We start by thoroughly investigating the issue. Once we have identified the problem, we will offer you a repair plan and provide you with a quote. 

We keep our prices fair and reasonable and also offer several financing offers. Call us if your heater is malfunctioning just when the winter is at its peak in Houston, TX.

AC & Heating Maintenance and Installation in Sugar Land, TX

Performing regular maintenance on your heating and AC system can reduce your energy bills, prolong the life of your system, and prevent costly repairs down the line. With our Sugar Land AC and furnace maintenance packages, our expert technicians will inspect your unit for wear and tear to ensure it is well-maintained. Our maintenance packages come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. 

Schedule your advanced AC maintenance appointment today for only $179. Our technicians will test the condenser coils and refrigerant levels, inspect filters, and perform several other routine maintenance tasks. We also have a basic AC tune-up available for only $98. 

Schedule a furnace tune-up, starting at $49. Our technicians will test the airflow and the ignition system, inspect the air filters and examine your system. With the advanced furnace maintenance package, our technicians will also inspect the vacuum burners & flame sensors to keep your system in good condition.  This package starts at $175. If you are in the Sugar Land area, contact us today. 

Current Specials: We’re offering a 50% discount on our advanced AC maintenance package for a limited time. Instead of paying $358, you’ll only pay $179 for one of our experienced technicians to inspect and maintain your AC unit.

AC and Heating Replacement in Sugar Land, TX

In Sugar Land, you need an A/C system that is reliable and efficient. The last thing you want is to be stuck with an unreliable or non-functioning air conditioning system. 

Call House Pro today for AC and heating replacement in Sugar Land. Our skilled technicians will install a customized heating or cooling system that is the correct size for your home. We carry several established brands, including American Standard, Comfort Maker, Trane, Ruud, Lennox, Rheem, Goodman, Amana, etc. We provide high-quality systems and experienced labor. Our new systems come with a 10-year parts and systems warranty. Take advantage of our financing options so your AC or heating replacement doesn’t break the bank. We offer financing options with 0% interest for up to 60 months.

Current Specials: We offer FREE AC & heating system replacement consultations! 

Call today to schedule your appointment for AC or heating services in Sugar Land! Don’t feel like calling? You can also schedule an appointment online!

Why You Should Choose House Pro HVAC Services

House Pro is dedicated to serving Sugar Land with our unparalleled quality service for your heating and cooling needs. If you are in the Sugar Land area and need quality HVAC services, House Pro is the prime choice. We will gladly look at your HVAC system for repair, maintenance, or complete HVAC installation. Contact us today and schedule an appointment.

Heating & AC Repair Services in Sugar Land, TX