Home Performance

Home Performance Plan

Learn How to Cut Your Home's Energy Bills by Up to 60%!

What is a Home Performance Inspection & Plan?

  • A BPI certified Home Performance Specialist conducts a comprehensive home inspection including an analysis of indoor air quality, ductwork, attic, air infiltration, HVAC, and more!
  • After the inspection your Home Performance Specialist will prepare a plan of recommended home improvements to improve your home’s energy efficiency, air quality, comfort, and reliability.

Your Plan Includes:

  • The amount of Home Performance Rebates (Up to $5000) that your home qualifies for
  • A plan to lower your energy costs by up to 60%
  • A ROI analysis of home improvements
  • A list of non-energy related benefits
  • A copy of your home performance inspection
  • An environmental impact analysis
  • A prioritized list of home improvements including insulation, ductwork, air sealing, HVAC, radiant barrier, attic ventilation, and more!

Why is Home Performance Important?

Health & Safety

The EPA rated indoor air quality as on of the top threats to human health. Efficient homes work to prevent indoor air pollutants.

Home Comfort

Efficient homes are more comfortable because they remove more humidity and eliminate uneven room temperatures.

Home Durability

Uncomfortable homes can be a sign of unreliable appliances and home damaging mold and humidity issues.

Energy Savings

Improving your home efficiency means big savings. Houston home owners can reduce their energy costs by as much as 60%!

Home Performance Plan