Signs It's Time To Replace Your AC System

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April 16, 2019

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As summer is quickly approaching, the last thing you want is to be stuck with an unreliable or non-functioning air conditioning system. If your AC isn’t properly cooling your home, you have a decision to make. Should you pay to repair your existing system or replace it? It’s a tough choice to make, but if you have an older system that isn’t properly cooling your home, it may make more sense to replace it. Here are six signs that it’s time to replace your AC system.

Your System is More Than 10-15 Years Old

If your system is more than 10 to 15 years old, there are several reasons to consider replacing it. Most manufacturer warranties for systems this age only last 5-10 years which means that you’ll be responsible for any costly repairs after that time frame. All new systems come with a 10-year warranty which will protect you from footing the bill for costly repairs.

Most systems over 10 years old use R22 refrigerant which is dangerous to the environment. R22 is no longer in production and as a result, the cost has increased, making it more expensive to purchase for your system.

Frequent & Costly Repairs

If you’ve had to have your system repaired several times within the last 3 years and your system is out of warranty, it’s probably time to consider purchasing a new system. Investing a lot of money in a single repair on an old unit sets you up for additional repairs down the road, especially if your older system was not cooling your home properly when it was running.

Energy Bills Continue to Increase

As air conditioning systems age, they lose efficiency. A well-maintained, 10-year-old AC system will use 30% more energy than when it was first installed. A system that isn’t maintained regularly can use as much as 50% more energy over time. This will cause your energy bill to rise, costing you more each month. New AC systems run more efficiently, saving you money.

Poor Indoor Air Quality

As a unit ages, it loses efficiency and removes less humidity which can cause issues with mold and mildew in your home. Even with proper maintenance and cleanings, dirt and dust can build up in your system over time. Every time your system cools your home, it will circulate these pollutants into the airstream which causes the indoor air quality in your home to deteriorate.

Can’t Reach a Comfortable Temperature Inside Your Home

Modern air conditioners offer two-stage cooling systems that are more efficient at removing humidity than older, single-stage systems. The humidity levels in your home greatly affect how cool it feels inside. The better a system is at removing humidity, the more comfortable you will feel.

Unusual Smells & Noises

If you hear noises or smell anything unusual coming from your air conditioner, contact the local AC specialists in Houston immediately. They will be able to diagnose the issue and provide guidance on whether it’s best to repair or replace. Unusual smells could signal that your system is dirty and in need of maintenance or that some of the components are burning or overheating. Unusual sounds could signal an AC system malfunction or that your system is incorrectly sized for your home.

Replacing Your System

If you’ve noticed any of these signs with your AC system and decided it’s time for a replacement, make sure to look for a licensed and insured contractor to guide you through the process. When helping you decide on a new system, your contractor should perform a manual J inspection on the home to correctly size your system.

When purchasing a replacement AC system, you should do your research on available brands and manufacturer rebates. You should also shop around for a company with financing options that work for your budget.

The next factor to consider is installation. For your system to function at its best, it must be installed properly. Make sure to choose a company that has been in business for over five years with professional contractors and courteous dispatchers.

If you have concerns about your system or you’ve decided to replace your air conditioner, contact House Pro. We proudly serve the greater Houston area including Bellaire, the HeightsWest UniversityRichmondPearlandKaty & Sugar Land. Our experienced contractors will assess your system and guide you through the replacement process.