HousePro Reviews

HousePro's main concern is our customer's complete satisfaction.

Naila Dowla


“Leo was a VERY professional, quick and friendly. He was honest about what was important to fix right away, and what repairs could wait till next time. We felt our AC and heat was in good hands with him!”

Rita Castro


“Leo is really smart young man. I mentioned that I was German , and we started speaking about football (soccer) and he started mentioning football teams from Germany , which was awesome. As far as the ac maintenance he did a great job communicating and offered me good options for my system. Leo has a really great work ethic, communication and is efficient. Would highly recommend Leo to anyone ! Great customer service !!!”

Habib “HK” K


“House Pro installed a 2 stage AC and heating system with 4 zones for my parents home, it was 14 years ago, the system runs perfect, saved lots of money on the electricity bill and the house stays very comfortable. Never had a problem with it, just maintenance every year and filter replacement.

Thank you Murray for the solution.”

Bryan C


“I've had nothing but good experiences with HousePro! They installed a completely new HVAC system a few years ago, and I've had zero complaints since. I get a complete cooling and heating maintenance package every year, and every time I've had a technician who was prompt, professional, and knowledgeable. Today, I had Leo come to give the heating a thorough inspection and maintenance, and I was extremely pleased with his performance. He was quick and very thorough, documenting everything with photos and walking me through everything afterwards. I definitely recommend HousePro!”

Julie Treece


“I been using HousePro for all my HVAC stuff for almost 20 years. Today Leo came out today to do my Spring maintenance, he did a great job. He is very professional , has outstanding communication. Highly recommend HousePro and Leo as well.”

Meagan Thorp


“HousePro came quickly and installed surge protective devises on both of my systems. The tech, Leo, was on time, professional, and provided photos to show work completed in hard to reach areas. Will definitely use them again for future needs!”

Victor Chataboon


“Had great service with Leonardo and Raj to replace our compressor. They thoroughly checked everything to make sure the AC was working properly before they left. They also ensured the outdoor unit was level and everything in the attic was working correctly.”

Kezzie Mims


“I have a Home Warranty, so my husband contacted them when our home AC wasn't working on a 90 degree + day. The warranty company sent House Pro. I'm always weary of any contractor from a big box company. I feel like they all took the same salesman course, "up-sale! up-sale! up-sale!". SHAWN from Washington was the BEST AC contractor I've ever encountered. (No Cap) He did a true assessment of our issues and did NOT try to strong arm us into a new 10K+ system. Even after me and my husband interrogated him, he kept his cool and really gave us some feasible options. He maintenance our AC and it has NEVER ran this quietly (We had a rattler). We know the day will come where we’ll need a new system… I’m here to say, if House Pro is consistent with this type of service, they will keep our business!”

Felicia Lawal


“Ronald was very professional. He thoroughly explained the issue in detail and showed where the problem existed. Turns out I had recently upgraded my alarm system VIVINT’s technician did not properly install the thermostat causing the HVAC to continuously run. Had I not contacted House Pro my repair cost would’ve been extremely costly.

Thanks to Ronald my system is working properly!”

Nely Moreno


“Our AC stopped working out of a sudden, my husband quickly called so someone could come out and check it out to see what was wrong.

Leo The Technician, came to my home and diagnosed my air conditioning system. The technician was courteous and arrived on time. He gave me a full quote before he began the work and I believe the price was fair. The work was performed the same day. Everything was done professionally and with great explanations. Our AC is now working. Thanks to Leo’s work!”

HousePro Reviews