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    • A/C Type: System Name:

    • Evap Coil Type:

    • Furnace Type

    • Copperline Set(s): Size: Drain Line Length: Drain Pan(s): Slab:

    • Metal Furnace Stands: Gas Line Whip: Flue Pipe Size Flue Pipe Length

    • T-Stat: Model: T-Stat Wire Length:

    • Electrical

    • New Disconnect Box: Breaker Size: Breaker Type: Surge Protector: Wire Size: Wire Length:

    • Ductwork

    • Reuse Existing? Supply Plenum: Return Box Size: Filter Cabinet:

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    • Starter Collars
    • Returns
    • Attic Efficiency

    • Attic Tent: Attic Tent Size: Seal Attic Penetrations: Attic Sq Ft: Can Light Cover(s):

    • Raise Insulation to R-38:
      Current Insulation: Removal of Old Insulation: Knee Wall Insulation:

    • Knee Wall Depth: Solar Attic Fan(s):


    • Filter 1:

    • UV Germicidal Lights:
      UV Type/Size:

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