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November 12, 2014

Furnace HVAC

Fall has finally rolled in to Houston and Winter is on its way.  Temperatures are forecasted to reach the 30s this week and its never been a better time to get your furnace or heater inspected and maintained. Before turning on your furnace each year (and after if you forgot) you should have a professional HVAC technician inspect the furnace for safety and performance. The most important reason for a furnace inspection is safety.  Furnaces that are damaged or malfunctioning can leak a dangerous, deadly, gas called carbon monoxide. But in addition to avoiding toxic gas, your furnace maintenance technician will address maintenance issues that will make your furnace run more efficiently and your home more comfortable.

A thorough maintenance of your system will improve the air flow in your home, protect your HVAC system, prevent costly repairs and improve the air quality in your home.  A furnace maintenance should include the following check points:

  • Test airflow for deadly carbon monoxide
  • Test ignition system for safe and proper operation
  • Lubricate and clean blower motor air vents
  • Inspect for combustible materials around furnace
  • Brush, clean and vacuum burner
  • Inspect air filters
  • Check and tighten all electrical connections
  • Measure volts and amps
  • Brush, clean and vacuum heat exchanger
  • Test for natural gas leaks
  • Examine equipment condition area, and clearances

Remember to ask your technician about a blower wheel cleaning.  Blower wheel cleaning need to be performed every 2 – 5 years depending on your system and are not a part of most annual maintenance plans.  The blower wheel touches all of the air in your home and can cause premature compressor failure, premature heat exchanger failure, health issues, and shorten the life of every component in the furnace.
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