Halloween Energy Savings Tips

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October 16, 2013

Energy Savings Sealing and Insulating

The scariest thing about Halloween shouldn’t be your energy bill.  We’ve assembled a few simple halloween energy savings tips to help you and your family stop your energy bills from turning into monsters.

LED Bulbs & Candles

Try using LED lights or candles when decorating your home this year.  Candles can help create a spooky atmosphere for your home and LED lights save energy because they are much more efficient than incandescent bulbs. 

Beware of Energy Vampires

Devices like TVs, computers, and radios are called energy vampires  because even when you turn them off they continue to suck power from your home.  Any device that has a stand by mode will continue using electricity  until you unplug it.  A simple way to eliminate energy vampires is by using a power strip that allows you to cut all power to multiple devices.

Don’t Leave Your Door Wide Open

If you are expecting trick or treaters throughout the evening try setting up your treats outside or turning off your AC or Furnace.  Each time you open the door you are letting air that you paid to cool or heat out.

Get Rid of Zombie Appliances

Consider replacing appliances which have outlived their lifespan with modern Energy Star appliances.  Energy Star appliances use 10 – 50% less energy than their modern equivalents would use and most will pay for themselves in energy savings.

Looking for Year Round Savings?

Check our Houston Energy Savings for information on energy saving home improvements, the CenterPoint Home Performance Incentive Program (Incentives up to $5000), energy tax credits, and special rebates.