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July 26, 2023

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When the summer months come around and your cooling system is on for much of the day, you may be worried about the utility costs of cooling your home. It can become expensive fast. Worse, it can put a strain on your Heating and cooling systems if you do not take care to upkeep your systems. 

Fortunately, you can take steps to reduce the energy output it takes to cool your home. Whether it is an A/C repair or a little upgrade, these tactics can make your HVAC system run better and more efficiently when it is hot, so you can stay cool without breaking the bank. 

How Does My AC Heating and Cooling System Work?

Many of us rely on our cooling system to provide cool air during summer when the heat is unbearable. These air conditioning systems can even be lifesavers when a heat wave strikes. How do these systems work? 

In short, this system circulates the air in your home across a cooling coil. This coil is full of refrigerant, which cools the air before it is pushed further through the house. This process also creates hot air, pushed by a fan out of the house and outside, removing the heat from your home. 

During this process, the air also passes through an air filter. This filter catches dust and debris and lets the air pass through. That keeps your home’s air fresh, clean, and breathable. 

Confused about any part of your HVAC system or worried that something has gone wrong with yours? Reach out for help through an inspection or Houston’s preferred choice for AC services

Options for Upgrading Your AC Heating and Cooling System

When upgrading your AC system, you have a few options to make your system a little more efficient. Even the smallest step can mean fewer dollars on your energy bill, which makes a big difference in the Houston heat. 

What are your top options for improving your AC system? Here are the steps you can take. 

Energy Efficient HVAC Systems Options 

Sometimes, an upgrade to the entire system may be what your heat pump or HVAC system needs. These systems are only designed to last for 10 years. If it is any older, you may see higher bills without the same cooling power. 

When we discuss replacing an HVAC system, we typically aim for Energy Star products. These models are significantly more efficient, so you can use less energy to keep your home cooler. 

Programmable Thermostats for Your Energy Efficient HVAC System

A programmable thermostat allows you to program and store your heating and cooling systems in their settings. These programmable thermostats can store multiple configurations, changing based on time or other factors. 

For example, when night falls, the temperature drops naturally, and you do not need the HVAC system to work as hard. A programmable thermostat would have information stored to change these settings in the evenings. That way, you do not have to remember to change them every day. These changes and settings can make a big difference. 

Upgrade Your Filter and Reduce Energy Costs

You do not necessarily need a new AC, as replacing the filter can make a big difference in the air quality of your home. While these air filters should be changed out every few months, choosing a different kind of filter can make a big difference. 

Different air filters can have different impacts on the air quality of your home. For example, a fiberglass air filter may not pick up as tiny particles as a pleated air filter, but it obstructs airflow less, allowing your HVAC system to put less strain on pushing air through the house. Talk to an HVAC professional about the best air filter for your needs. 

How Do I Know If I Need AC Repairs?

Sometimes, an upgrade can only do so much. You need energy efficiency and to reduce your heating and cooling bills. You may have underlying issues with your HVAC system, or you may have even tried these upgrades and did not see results due to other issues with your HVAC system. 

Sometimes, your best option is to get repairs, not upgrades. How do you know it is time for a repair? Below are some of the most common issues that indicate you need a tune-up or service call for your HVAC system: 

  • High Humidity – Houston summers may be hot, but you should not feel high humidity while your cooling system runs. High humidity may indicate issues with your HVAC system, which may worsen over time and raise your utility bills.
  • No Air Movement – Air circulation is one of the key elements of your cooling system. Unfortunately, you may find that your air conditioner is not moving air at all. Talk to a professional about repairing or a complete cooling system replacement when this happens. 
  • Strange Noises – The occasional noise may not be serious, but if your HVAC system is making loud, concerning noises every time you start it up, there may be a deeper issue with your system. Talk to a professional about any rattling, grinding, or banging noises you may hear during a cycle. 

How Often Should I Inspect My HVAC System for Issues With Hot and Cold Air? 

Ensuring that your HVAC system is in proper working order and that our home’s energy efficiency is optimal is the first step to maximizing your cooling system. Issues with your HVAC system can cause ongoing problems that may hurt your bill and lead to more being paid out of your pocket. How often should you inspect your HVAC system for these issues? 

Typically, we recommend residents get their HVAC system checked twice a year. First, check your HVAC system at the beginning of the warmer months, when you must run your air conditioner for much of the season. Then, check your HVAC system at the change of seasons as you transition from air conditioning to heating. 

These regular check-ins help ensure your system is working as it should. It can also help you avoid any nasty surprises in the middle of these seasons when you need the HVAC system in working order. Ensuring your HVAC system works now and correctly can protect you from future issues. 

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How an HVAC Energy Efficiency Specialist Can Help

When the energy bills start creeping higher, you may be looking for ways to reduce that cost. That is especially true if you need some basic repairs. While it may seem easy, do not handle these repairs alone. A mistake can be costly, and it may be more expensive to repair any damage than it would cost to call HVAC professionals. 

Contacting an HVAC specialist means you get detailed, knowledgeable support from someone who focuses on these parts of your house. They understand every potential problem and can accurately diagnose these issues. 

Even better, you do not have to go anywhere or do anything for these repairs. All you have to do is let our team inspect your system, determine what repairs or upgrades need to be made, and make a plan to implement these changes. With our team, you can make the necessary changes in no time. 

Need Help with Your Air Conditioners Repairs, Cooling Efficiency, and Upgrades? Call Us! 

When the summer heat hits, you and your cooling system must be prepared. Dealing with the summer heat in Houston can be brutal already, and if you have not done the maintenance or upgrades you need, it can be brutal on your wallet, too. 

The team at House Pro are a group of HVAC professionals who want to reduce your energy consumption while keeping you cool throughout Houston’s hot summers. We know power bills get high during this time of year, but the right steps can mitigate some costs while seeing an upgrade in performance. 

If you are ready for a repair, upgrade, or tune-up, reach out to our team at House Pro to learn more about our services. Give us a call or fill out our website’s online contact form.